Greetings and welcome to The Federation, a PBeM simgroup based on the idea's and concepts of Star Trek. The Federation is proud to be able to offer its members and the Star Trek community with an enjoyable environment in which to sim in the Star Trek universe. It has been providing quality simulations since 2000.


Credit: We would not have our new site without the kind help of The Spin Bonus Team & would like to thank them for their ongoing help & support in developing the new The Federation is set in the year 2451. The once United Federation of Planets is no more. In its place stands The Federation, a slowly rebuilding power dedicated to taking back what was taken from them during the Federation \ Reptilian Alliance War, and to restoring peace and prosperity throughout the quadrant.


Welcome to the Academy; the training establishment operating within The Federation. It is here that all prospective cadets learn the fine art of simming. Originally situated San Francisco, Earth, the Academy is now situated on Deep Space 13, Federation Head Quarters. Most students enter the Academy at the age of 18. and will learn and how technology is Remodeling the Industry. Every cadet spends a minimum of four years at the Academy, and then an additional year for each Cadet Cruise that they take. Those who go on to Command School spend two more years of training before finally graduating.


All new players that are not an existing or returning member of The Federation are required to take the basic academy training as the styles of simming are different from each RPG \ Sim and sometimes these differences can confuse other people that are used to one way of simming. 

Once a Cadet completes the Academy, he\she will be transferred to their first assignment. Later on in their career they may decide that they wish to come back to the Academy and do an Advanced Departmental Training course. These courses are aimed at the more experiences simmer, however that is not to say that new simmers should not attempt them. The ADTCs are not compulsory, however they are accountable for some merit and it gives a deeper understanding of the role that your character is playing and of the roles that other people do.

" Captain Brandon Mulina,
Federation CinC"

Should you require any more information, you can contact the Dean by selecting the button below: